My life’s journey has taken me from the east end of London to Durban, South Africa (via a few other places). Along the way I have acquired an amazing wife (Jill), three beautiful daughters, two grandchildren, degrees in theoretical chemistry, business leadership and practical theology, a motorbike (Aprilia) and a few other bits and pieces. Most importantly God in the person of Jesus Christ invaded my life wonderfully (but uninvited) in a guesthouse on the Essex coast on a bleak February morning nearly 40 years ago, and the journey from that point has never been alone, nor has the sense of “having been laid hold of” ever left me.

I currently spend my time pastoring a local church on the outskirts of the city of Durban, with a delightful team of elders, and a congregation of heroes in the making. We have travelled extensively and ministered on every continent (although I have yet to preach in Antarctica). In particular Jill and I have spent a great deal of time in Brazil and have grown to love the people there very much.

I have dreams of…  but then that is what this blog is actually all about. So read on…

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