Have you ever been part of a community with a strong kingdom culture? It was probably an amazing experience! Culture has the power to call us up to a level of faith and experience that goes way beyond what we could expect through individual growth and maturity. But culture is not easy to build! If you want to understand more about how culture works you can watch here.

Through this video series we provide an opportunity for a small group to grow different aspects of kingdom culture through expressing their faith and observing the faith of others in action. If you need help knowing how to use this material then there is an introductory video for facilitators available.

Each course is available for you to have a look at FREE OF CHARGE for a period of 7 days, without obligation to purchase.

Here is a list of courses in this curriculum that are currently available:

Honour flows from heaven to engage with every human being on the basis of their destiny as a created child of God. How do we build a culture that reinforces this?

There is eternal truth and there is our current reality. How do we build a culture that is honest, while at the same time building up people's faith for things that are not yet realised?

Most of us have some experience of God intervening supernaturally on our behalf. But how do we bring a community to the place of experiencing that on a daily basis?

Let's have a look FOR FREE for seven days!

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