My life’s journey has taken me from the east end of London, UK to Durban, South Africa (via a few other places). I have travelled this road with an amazing wife (Jill), and subsequently three beautiful daughters and (to date) four grandchildren. I have acquired degrees in theoretical chemistry, business leadership and practical theology, owned various motorbikes (latest is BMW) and a few other bits and pieces.

Most importantly God in the person of Jesus Christ invaded my life wonderfully (but uninvited) in a guesthouse on the Essex coast on a bleak February morning nearly 50 years ago, and the journey from that point has never been alone, nor has the sense of “having been laid hold of” ever left me.

I pastored a local church on the outskirts of the city of Durban for 22 years, travelled extensively and ministered on every continent (although I have yet to preach in Antarctica). In particular Jill and I have spent a great deal of time in Brazil and have grown to love the people there very much.

This ministry is about providing three things: first faith-building sermons to bring people to breakthrough in personal life and effectiveness, second kingdom perspectives on what goes on in our world and third resources to deepen and strengthen people’s theological capacity. I trust you are enriched by the materials you will find here, and are inspired to engage.


I was born and raised in the north of England and my life changed radically when I moved to take up a place at Jesus College, Oxford University. Through a series of a divine “coincidences” I met the real Jesus for the first time – and the man I was going to marry. For over forty years we have ministered together, in and out of church settings, and my deep desire to learn and grow has led to degrees in literature, psychology and theology. 

I am passionate about poetry and people and my first volume of self-illustrated poems “Strung between heaven and earth” was written to reach unchurched people with the raw reality of living between the “already” and the “not yet”.

I am currently an HPCSA registered educational psychologist and adult career coach. I paint, write, preach, and train – all with the view to helping people walk into healing, freedom, and destiny. The current ban on travel is driving me nuts and I can’t wait to connect face-to-face with my children, grandchildren, and a host of family and friends around the globe. But in the meantime it is forcing me to knuckle down and finish my latest publication, soon to be released – my personal philosophy of counselling called “Not Alone – a guide to walking alongside.”