Representing God part 1: confident in His presence

I love big picture questions. Particularly in times like these when we are trying to navigate the next days and weeks, I find it so helpful to be able to step back and look at some broader perspectives. And one of those big picture questions is “What are we here for?” What are supposed to be doing here on planet earth? And the longer I meditate on that question, the more I keep coming back to one thing – we are here to represent God.

The video sermon follows the life of Samuel to see how he came to represent God to his generation. Enjoy it, and PLEASE engage with us via the comments feed below.

Move mountains

Faith decays so easily into religious observance. We say the same things, but the fire has gone out of it. So, it is really important to connect with whatever kindles faith inside. You have to do whatever you have to do, go wherever you have to go to receive that faith impartation. And faith is there to move mountains!

Watch this video sermon to start moving some mountains in your life! And PLEASE engage with us via the comments feed below.

Unreasonable joy

One of my prayers this week has been, “God, what do I need to be learning in this season to prepare me for the next?” I really don’t want to waste this time! I don’t want to come out the end of lockdown basically the same as I went in. I mean that really is a waste of pain! I want to make it count. And God said, simply, “Joy.”

Watch this video sermon to follow my journey into unreasonable joy – joy not based on my circumstances.And PLEASE engage with us via the comments feed below.

Redefining the battle

There is warfare in the heavens right now. How can there not be! This really is the Daniel moment when nations and destinies are being fought over. I believe the issues are actually much bigger than when will I be able to get back to work, when will we physically meet again as a church, when can I hug my grandchildren. There is another perspective. A second heaven perspective. The warfare in the heavenlies.

This is a video sermon to reframe your perspective on these times. And PLEASE engage with us via the comments feed below.