Life is a marathon – for some it is a walk in the park and for others it is a more arduous endeavour. We do not always get to choose the route laid out for us, and most of us are grateful for some encouragement along the way. Sometimes we hit difficulties that require serious intervention – and we are glad that there are professionals at hand to provide it. But mostly we just need someone to come alongside for a period where we are lost, blistered and discouraged, to ask us our story and remind us why we are doing this in the first place: to help us to redirect towards the goals that we have set for ourselves.

This is a good picture of what I mean by ‘counselling’ in the context of a church or some other kind of community. Some might attribute to counselling a more active or directive role like a teacher or a life coach – the guru with all the answers, who will be quick to tell you what race you ought to be running. But I see counselling as a much more supportive role – more like the ‘second’ in the race who appears alongside for a portion of the route, with words of encouragement – maybe something as practical as an energy drink, but one who never forgets that this is your race and they can’t run it for you. 

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