Representing God part 4: Corporate anointing

How do you take a bunch of ordinary people and transform that into something that shows the glory of God to the world? Quite a challenge! When we think about this we usually want to start with transforming the lives of individual people. We want to turn them into something extraordinary. But there is a limit. Most people are, by definition, ordinary! So today I want to talk about a different way, a way for a bunch of ordinary people to become extraordinary together. It’s a synergism called corporate anointing.

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God who is there

I used to think that the driving force of my life’s work was to help people to find freedom and that’s still a very important goal for me. But I have realised in these challenging times that freedom is a hard road to walk and many of us yearn for safety, connection, and intimacy. I have chosen to start this introduction to the fundamentals of Christian counselling and life coaching by challenging the philosophy that we all have to walk this difficult road alone. We are not alone, because God is the God who is there for us. 

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Representing God part3: A Holy Temple

You only have to mention the word “church” to discover a whole bunch of people who are unhappy. And some of us are deeply unhappy. But the church has a calling to fulfil as the holy temple of God where the world can encounter him. It’s time to move beyond our disappointments.

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Representing God part 2: made in His image

How do I know God’s purpose for my life? There are some happy people who know with unshakeable certainty that God has called them to be a doctor or a teacher or something, and that simplifies a lot of these life choices. But most of us rely on gut feelings, or passions or prophetic words to know what God’s purpose is for us, and down the road, when things get rough, it’s easy to feel that maybe we misheard. I want to give you a rock-solid theology of purpose, that I think can take away a lot of the pressure for us and bring us into a whole lot of freedom.

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Sin, morality and grace

The church is in turmoil, if we’re honest, around this one. Fifty years ago it was all very simple – no sex outside of marriage. But since then every time we have tried to draw a line in the moral sand a new cultural wave of sexual liberalization has come crashing in and the we’ve beaten a hasty retreat to higher ground. Just how do we move forwards?

I’m not going to begin to respond to the gay, trans and even paedo debates in just 8 minutes, but I do want to give us a way of thinking about things that can help us move forwards. Watch via the link below and then PLEASE engage with us via the comments feed at the bottom. Enjoy!

Representing God part 1: confident in His presence

I love big picture questions. Particularly in times like these when we are trying to navigate the next days and weeks, I find it so helpful to be able to step back and look at some broader perspectives. And one of those big picture questions is “What are we here for?” What are supposed to be doing here on planet earth? And the longer I meditate on that question, the more I keep coming back to one thing – we are here to represent God.

The video sermon follows the life of Samuel to see how he came to represent God to his generation. Enjoy it, and PLEASE engage with us via the comments feed below.