A breaker anointing

What is a breaker anointing? And how do we learn to flow in it? How do we move from pursuing breakthrough to being the breakthrough for someone else? Join me in a 12 minute video.

The can-do God

God is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than all we ask or think… Here is another belief to shape our lives. What would my life look like if I truly believed that God is able? Join me in this 11 minute video

God is good!

This is a pretty basic belief, but how do I work it out in my life? What would our lives have to look like for our neighbours to sit up and say “They really do believe that God is good!”

The power of culture

Paul write of us “striving side by side” for the faith of the gospel, but in this current pandemic season it feels like we have become not only physically distant but also spiritually isolated too. I have a huge passion for us to restore this cultural dynamic of building up one another’s faith, and I’ve launched a couple of projects to facilitate this. Watch this 10 minute video to see how it works.