What on earth does that verse mean?

I guess we’ve all got stuck on a verse of the bible at some time and just wanted someone to explain it to us. So, we think, “maybe I should do this properly and get hold of a commentary!” But where on earth do we start? I’m not going to make any recommendations in this video, but I do want to help you have some realistic expectations!

A video about using a commentary (8 mins)

Sin, morality and grace

The church is in turmoil, if we’re honest, around this one. Fifty years ago it was all very simple – no sex outside of marriage. But since then every time we have tried to draw a line in the moral sand a new cultural wave of sexual liberalization has come crashing in and the we’ve beaten a hasty retreat to higher ground. Just how do we move forwards?

I’m not going to begin to respond to the gay, trans and even paedo debates in just 8 minutes, but I do want to give us a way of thinking about things that can help us move forwards. Watch via the link below and then PLEASE engage with us via the comments feed at the bottom. Enjoy!

Why Jesus had to die

The bible tells us in many places that Jesus died for our sins, but why? On the road to Emmaus Jesus told the two disciples that it was “necessary that the Christ should suffer these things and enter into his glory.” Why was it necessary? How was Jesus’ suffering an indispensable part of setting us free from our sins?

Watch this 8-minute video to learn some of the answers that have been put forward. And PLEASE engage with us via the comments feed below!

The end of the world

One of the fundamental assumptions of the modern world is that progress will go on forever. We expect each year to bring a better life than the last one and we punish our politicians when they fail to deliver. Until now. Suddenly this assumption has gone up in smoke.

Is this the end of the world? Watch this 8-minute video to find out the essentials of what the bible teaches on this. And PLEASE engage with us via the comments feed below!


One of the reasons we do theology is to stop the gospel getting co-opted by the culture in which we live. It is so easy for our message to become just a religious expression of our own world. I am increasingly convinced that one of the major threats to the integrity and power of the gospel in our current age is our neglect of the doctrine of creation. Hence this video.

Watch this 8-minute video to find out why the doctrine of creation is so important. And PLEASE engage with us via the comments feed below!


When we hear the word “heaven” I guess our immediate response is, “Well that’s the place we go to when we die.” The image may be embellished with harps and clouds, but fundamentally heaven we imagine as a place for the after-life.

In fact, that is not at all how the bible uses the word heaven. Watch this 8-minute video to find out more! And PLEASE engage with us via the comments feed below!

Jesus, God and man

At the very heart of the Christian faith is the amazing assertion that God became man in the person of Jesus of Nazareth. We’re going to take eight minutes to unpack what we mean by that statement. Watch the video to find out more. And PLEASE engage with us via the comments feed below.

The Trinity

One God, three persons. That’s quite hard to get your head around. But then, if you think about it, we are talking about the internal reality of the eternal creator of all things, and it would be really surprising if we created beings could easily understand such matters. A bit like an ant understanding nuclear physics.

Watch this 8 minute video to hear the rest. And PLEASE engage with us via the comments!